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Mud Logging & Geological Services

PetroServices GmbH manufactured and assembled mud logging cabins skid mounted, pressurized, with certified eye pads. The number of cabins delivered under PetroServices Guarantee is +120 cabins which certified by DNV 2.7-1 offshore containers under assessment no. S-5914. Our extensive client base covers Europe, Russia, Middle East, Gulf & North Africa and is currently expanding in the global market. PetroServices GmbH successfully operated in Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Arab Republic of Egypt, Great Libyan Jamahiriya, Arab Republic of Yemen, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 

PetroServices Logging System (PSLS) provides a full range of rig monitoring, data acquisition, mud logging and drilling engineering services. The Standard mud logging and rig monitoring services are based around our online computerized units (PSL system). Field Drilling Technique (FDT) and consultancy services (geologists, drilling and petroleum engineers) are available from PetroServices GmbH drilling services pool of experienced and qualified personnel.

Mud logging & geological services
Mud logging & geological services

Advanced computer systems with applications software augment these services. They can be offered as part of the well site and office based services with configuration to client's specific needs. The online computerized unit (PSL system) can be installed in various forms depending on client requirements. The PSL system is an intelligent, multi-tasking, real time data acquisition and monitoring system. It accepts inputs from all the sensors and provides real time monitoring with audio-visual alarms and error messages of parameters with output to 19', 23', and 32' LCD monitors, explosion proof rig floor monitor, chart recorders and printers.

All data variables and interval averages are directly stored in a non-volatile data memory buffer. These are accessed by the applications computers, for data manipulation, permanent data storage, plotting and running applications software (DPIC®).

The online server network station with DTCIS software® creates a comprehensive database of all drilling and geological parameters on high storage capacity media with data backup facilities. Full database management and editing is effected and a range of application programs run to enhance analysis and data interpretation. Real time, color graphic displays are available with the server network station. It displays and stores selected time based information at one second intervals.

The scope of the logging systems can be expanded through the transmission to a town office system. Data can be transferred via dial up communications as well as LAN connections, or just by disc update in ASCII format. When rig operations dictate, printed reports and real time displays (graphic screens) can be produced in the town office on call by the user. In addition, through batch transfer, time or depth related parameters, can be received on the office PC with full access to all applications software, including log plots, and data printouts. PS field staff highly trained and highly qualified to provide the best mud logging services at highest performance. The personnel involved have many areas of expertise: geology, formation evaluation, drilling, pressure evaluation, and log analysis.