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Gas Detection System

Dual channel FID gas chromatgraph and total gas.

GC C1-C5  P/N 030-01-002-0269

GC C1-C8  P/N 030-01-188-3253

GC C1-C10 P/N 030-01-185-3210

Rack mounted GC is designed to mount in 19" shelf-equipped racks. This GC is equipped with a packed column and back flush facilities which guarantee an accurate and quick HC analysis.

The GC front Panel allows monitoring gas pressures, detector parameters,and column oven temperatures.

It has three gas pressure (EPC) control zones, seven detector parameter control zones (FID igniter, PID lamp current, etc), and five temperature control zones. Each control zone is adjusted by a trim pot, located on the front edge of the top panel (immediately behind the front control panel).

Gas flow control panel.

P/N 030-06-064-0219

Carrier gas, hydrogen, air, and make up gas are separately flow controlled. Flow rates are readable from the flow meters installed in the flow control system.

The flow controller is also used to control sample pressure, sample flow, carrier pressure and carrier flow, as well as to filter sample and carrier from any contamination. The system is attached to a purge system for auto cleaning of the gas line.

Alarm and pressure gauge facilitate checking, adjusting and controlling flow to have clean, adjustable and steady sample parameters.

Hydrogen generator (Ballston AGS).

P/N 030-05-090-0287

Standard electrical supply and deionized water is all that is required to generate a safe continuous supply of 99.9999 + % pure hydrogen, ideal for carrier and fuel gas applications. Safe only to produce as much hydrogen as you require with a flow capacity up to 200 ml/min and up to 6 bar pressure, This hydrogen generator guarantees the following:

  • Elimination of high-pressure gas cylinders from the unit.
  • Hassle free gas supply without the problems associated with cylinder handling.
  • Generate gas where it's used and remove the risk of leaks from extended lengths of piping.

CO2 gas detector.

P/N 030-04-014-0388

Infrared CO2 gas detector for continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide.It offers all benefits of fail-safe IR measurement technology for applications in rough environments. The transmitter uses microprocessor technology to convert the signal to a 4-20 mA analog output.

The unit is designed for one-man calibration and offers a variety of diagnostics and self test features. The configuration and calibration of the transmitter is menu guided and easy to perform, using the built-in push buttons.

With the ATEX approval (device category II 2G acc. to 94/9/EC) the IR CO2 is suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres zone 1 and zone 2. Systems solutions: The shock resistant enclosure (EEx) is made of conductive, glass fiber reinforced polyester.

H2S gas detector.

P/N 030-03-047-3317

H2S gas detector is electrochemical sensors for the detection of toxic gases. These sensors generate an electrical current proportional to the actual gas concentration.

The remote sensor heads are designed as intrinsically safe certified 4 - 20 mA transmitters and have an integrated concentration display. The H2S controller power supply and common alarm module clip on to a DIN rail.

The remote sensor heads and any alarm or recording devices connect to terminals on the front of the controller. The H2S controller has three relays for alarm 1 and 2 system failure (115 / 230 V AC / 2 A).

An analog output for recorder or process control systems is also included. Measured values are displayed on 8 digits LED-display. It is easy to program or calibrate the H2S controller! Just follow the menu! If sensor heads are to be installed in division 1 areas, they can be connected via intrinsically safe repeaters. The 24 V power supply as well as the signals for the common alarm module are transmitted via bus from one controller to the next. All terminals are easily accessible from the front.

HC detection system.

P/N 030-12-001-1457

Detection system comprehensive explosion protection.The transmitters IR Ex are certified acc. to the directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) and marked by II 2G, indicating that they are suitable to be operated in zones 1 and 2. Also, IR Ex is approved acc. to the IEC standard.

Systems solutions

The shock-resistant enclosure (EEx e) is made of conductive, glass fiber reinforced polyester. Combined with a suitable 4 to 20 mA controller the IR Ex transmitters satisfy the customers' needs for maximum safety and system availability.

The transmitter IR Ex is a measuring instrument with an optical system which, based on its 2-fold reflected IR-beam and its optimized IR measuring wave length, is very sensitively reacting on hydrocarbon concentrations. Hence for e.g. propane, butane, gasoline vapors, ethers, alcohols, or amines etc. measuring ranges down to 1000 ppm or 5 % LEL full scale value can be adjusted. Also, measuring ranges up to 100 % by vol. for methane are possible.