About us

Corporate Profile


PetroServices GmbH is an international oil and gas service company registered under the federal law of Germany as oil field supplier and service provider, headquartered in Magdeburg with its operation since 2001 in more than 10 countries.

Our experience across diverse geographical locations has helped us hone our skills to handle formidable challenges and provide tailor-made solutions to meet our customers' needs. We provide advanced services to help customers drill, evaluate, complete and produce oil and gas wells.

Our commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment remains an integral part of our corporate governance. We set up a well-defined HSE Policy to ensure safe working conditions, better health preservation and adequate environment protection in all operational areas.

PetroServices GmbH is certified through

  • TÜV – SCC Certification No. 01-013-050425
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

Our employees are committed to work with our customers to create the highest level of added value.


PetroServices GmbH manufactured and assembled Mud Logging cabins skid mounted, pressurized, with certified eye pads. Since its establishment, PetroServices GmbH is having progress and achievements year after year in the provision of mud logging and geological services in addition to other oil and gas services.

PetroServices GmbH started its mud logging operation in Germany in 2001, and then established a branch in Egypt to build its big operation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

In 2003, PetroServices GmbH provides its mud logging units to Libya which operates successfully. Then after, PetroServices GmbH expanded its mud logging operation into Europe, Oman, Pakistan, Turkey, and Russia having represented offices in each. With the dawn of 2009, PetroServices GmbH was involved in Greece's 1st offshore exploratory activity which operated successfully.

For the continuous success in Sultanate of Oman, in 2009 PetroServices GmbH has signed a joint venture constitutive agreement under the name of Oman Sea PetroServices LLC.(OSPS). In 2010, PetroServices GmbH expanded its operations in Qatar where PetroServices was involved in many offshore activities, which started and continued successfully.

In every location, PetroServices GmbH at all levels assured its commitment to provide its clients with the highest standards of quality services.

Other Services

In cooperation with PetroServices Drilling Engineering "PSDE", PetroServices can supply international companies with high performance drilling chemicals as per API specification and running the operations with high experience mud engineers worked in many different international companies in Gulf area and around the world.

PetroServices GmbH manufactures and assembles ISO cabins of mud logging units through its sole provider Petrotubular of DNV certification, which also provides casing and tubing with full range of carbon steel, alloy and chrome pipes, as well as oil tubular services such as stocking facilities, handling, distributing, maintaining, repairing and refurbishment of pipes.

Main Services

PetroServices GmbH and its subsidiaries offer their clients the following range of services, performed to the highest standards and specifications:

  • Mud logging and geological services.
  • Mud engineering services.
  • Drilling fluid supply.
  • Casing & tubing supply.
  • Casing accessories supply.
  • Well-head supply.
  • Drilling & fishing tools supply & services.
  • Consultancy & project management.