PetroServices GmbH participated in The 3rd Azerbaijan & Caspian Sea Oil and Gas Exhibition

PetroServices GmbH took part in Four Seasons Hotel, Baku which was held in Azerbaijan, Baku from 28th till 30th September, 2015.

The booth was the venue of many visitors who were assisting by Mr. Ahmed Emad “International Operations Manager”.

New project awarded in Kurdistan for Mud Logging Services

PetroServices GmbH had been awarded a Mud Logging services contract with KAR Energy Group signed for duration of 3 Wells.

The operation has already started on 12th July, 2015.

PetroServices GmbH new Galleon Software

PetroServices GmbH published a new software programme for oilfield operations. The Galleon software is an integrated operational geology system that helps operators manage geological workflow and integrate various activities such as drilling.

The programme enables this integration by unifying separate aspects of oilfiled services data analysis with singular interfaces, namely drilling control data acquisition, pressure evaluation and the processing and interpretation of empirical results from wireline and mud logging.

Galleon system is in use now in (India - Pakistan - Vietnam).